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Answers to the checkpoints of chapter 4

Checkpoint 1 

  • Subjective probability.
  • Relative probability.
  • Probability of knowing.
  • Probability of drawing a king: 4/52, probability of drawing a king of diamonds: 1/52.


Checkpoint 2

  • 93%
  • 0.0049
  • 0.0651
  • Three emergency calls are not independent; they probably concern the same incident. They are too close together and from the same suburb.


Checkpoint 3

  • Both indicate the number of possible variations of a number of elements from a set. If it is a permutation, the order is taken into account. If it is a combination, it is not.
  • Number of combinations: 6 choose 2 = 15
    Number of permutations 6*5 = 30


Checkpoint 4

  • It is a probability distribution with replacement, whereby the probabilities occur independently of each other.
  • Hypergeometric = with replacement; binomial = without replacement.
  • He can check this by doing a hypergeometric probability experiment.
  • He would now use a binomial probability experiment.
  • The expected value is the expected result of an experiment if the result is not known.


Checkpoint 5

  • A normal probability experiment has a continuous distribution; hypergeometric and binomial probability distributions have a discrete distribution.
  • When you do a transformation, you standardize the values according to the z scale and make it possible to compare variables with different scales.
  • In both distributions, the figure is bell shaped, and in both distributions the empirical rule applies (as does Chebyshev’s rule). The difference is that in a standard normal distribution the mean is “0” and the standard deviation it is “1” because it has been transformed according to the z distribution.


Checkpoint 6

Repeatability as a condition for the reliability of results.


Checkpoint 7

  • The p value represents the probability value: the probability of a certain event, given some basic data.
  • The difference between the right and left probability value has to do with the area where the z value is located: right or left of the center of the distribution.
  • The probability value is slightly more than 5%; the chance that the manufacturer would adjust his machines at this value is small. 


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